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It has truly begun to feel like the beginning of the end on Legion. When David found Switch and started messing with the past it wasn’t good, but for a while at least he interfered in relatively minor ways, and never strayed too far back in time, However, his decision to go and see how his parents met, pushing Switch to do so, may have been a step too far. He actually stepped in and talked to his mother in the past during episode 4, though it was clear Gabrielle didn’t believe David when he said he was her son. Could David’s appearance have contributed to her own mental instability?

Elsewhere, Syd has spent time this season warning the others that David was bringing about the end of the world. And in episode 4 some of that started to show up. Interestingly, season 3 might have stepped backwards, just a bit, in terms of holding David accountable for his actions. In the comics, Legion (David’s alter-ego) does create and destroy entire timelines through his efforts to change the present by changing the past. That seems like the direction the show is going, but it’s less clear just how much of any destruction is going to be presented as David’s fault. The relatively small time jumps in episodes 3 and 4 represented the time eaters destroying those little pieces of the timeline. So theoretically, they could eat larger pieces as well. David’s trips into the past are given as the means by which the time-eaters entered the story, but they are still the ones actually destroying time as represented on the show. So, in this case, David would be responsible for the destruction more through carelessness than malicious intent.

The promo for “Chapter 24” definitely leans into David’s efforts to alter the timeline, both with his… let’s say noncommittal response to Syd’s question about killing everyone, and his own statement that ‘everyone [would get] a do over.’The whole idea of changing the past to change the future actually isn’t new on Legion, a large part of season 1 was spent in David’s past, trying to get him to look at both his present and future in a different light. However, it’s clear that David is less accepting of the facts about the past in season 3, and more inclined to try and change something just because he can. Who will survive?